Vibha FutureTech Cricket Pledge Drive


As you cheer every six and four by your favorite team in their quest for the Vibha FutureTech Cricket Cup, take a moment to think about millions of underprivileged children around the globe. For them every day is a challenge bigger than the last, as they struggle for their basic needs such as food and shelter.


But what if you could combine your passion for cricket with a desire to help these children in need?


Pick your favorite team and pledge an amount wishing for their success!


The money raised from this pledge drive will go towards funding projects supported by Vibha.


All your donations are tax-deductible in the USA.


The more your team wins, the more Vibha's projects win! Could there be a better win-win situation? We think not! All you have to do is " Make a Pledge" now. You can send in your donation after the Vibha Futuretech Cricket Cup is over. We will follow up with you on your donation. 

Facebook Fundraising Campaign Instructions

1.     Log in to your Facebook Account. Select Fundraisers from Home Page.


2.     Click on ‘Create Fundraiser’ button


3.     Search for Vibha in the Nonprofit box. Select Vibha.

Check out photos in the ‘Vibha’ Facebook page or your local Vibha action center (e.g. Vibha Atlanta, Vibha Bay Area etc.) Facebook page. Upload one of those photos as the cover photo.

Enter Title: <<Event Name>> 2018 – <<Walking/Running/Playing>> for a Cause Fundraiser

Add a description

Add End Date: { Keep it open till a few days after the event }

Enter a goal amount

Invite your Facebook friends to donate to your campaign.

Tips to create awareness and reach your fundraising goal!!

·       Post updates to your fundraising page 2-3 times a week. Update can be any new activity or new step you took for the event or the fundraising campaign.

·       Thank each contributor (no matter how small the contribution) on your page.

·       Post photos/videos etc. showing your preparations for the event.


You can use the checklist below to make updates to your personal Facebook page and      fundraising page.

¨  Add a personal message about why you want to do this

¨  Add few sentences about the Vibha project that you have chosen to support (

¨  Write a note about your fundraising goal and why it’s important to reach that

¨  Add poster and share Facebook event link